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status(23APR17): i need darlwis right now

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written on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 @ 4:04 AM ✈

Greeting Text

Thanks Tiqah for the suprise :-)

Miss this moment. So fkcn' much. Sorry termencarut. Ahhhhh rindu semuaaa. 3k4. Yaaa 2 years ago. Kisah lama. So what? Kekwat ke aku nak tulis pasal dorg? Lol. Just, hmm i miss us. Bye.

Farah, Fatin, Zatty, Tasya, Fiera, Bylla, Eija, Mief, Ecka.
Ingat SKEMA? Lol walaupun macam hape jeee. At least, kita sama sama susah sama sama senang. Ingat semua tu? Okay bye. Love xxx

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